Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Reading

Well now that I have my Summer Reading list underway, with much inspiration from Mt. Hope Chronicles. I am exploring the options of a Kindle vs a Nook? Any thoughts out there?? I would love access to library books, which I know a Nook offers, and Kindle should later this year. I would also like the option of being able to check my email and facebook (my adult interactions). I would love to hear any opinions.....oh, as for my first book this summer, a classic, Sense and Sensibility, you can never go wrong with Jane Austen.


  1. You're right, you never can go wrong with Jane!

    I am reading a lot this summer too, I love summer for that - my own reading list! :)

    Hope you are feeling well!


  2. I am interested in your research findings about Kindle or Nook. One of these days I think I will get one of these too.