Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blogging seems to be a time consuming past time, but worth a third try. So facebook on the other hand, which is easy to do, has now lost my confidence. I went to log in as usual and all of the sudden it does not recognize my password. After many (and I mean many with desperation) tries, it now locks me out of my page. Upon trying to reset my password, as per their suggestion, I was told that I would receive a verification code to type in and then I can choose my new password. Well, said email never arrives, even after days. I sent them a contact email describing my problem to the best of my ability, even in with the limited questions I was allowed to answer, but I fear I will never hear from them. So now the dilemma, do I take the time to start a new page, do my over 400 friends even realize I am missing? Does anyone even care?
I have to admit, the break is kind of nice. Look, I am even here blogging :). Perhaps that was the problem after all.......

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