Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Motherhood Is....

So many times I find myself not enjoying my children. I have to admit it, and even when I type it I feel the guilt heaping on. Motherhood is a tough gig! I am at that phase again when someone older and wiser says the, "Oh enjoy them now, it goes by so quickly..." and I think, Really???? as they are screaming, whining etc. I am aware of how blessed I am, what a gift my boys are to me and I love them with all my heart, but sometimes it is hard. In a season of my reacting to them yet again and not parenting out of grace filled love for them, I am taking my thoughts captive! No more of this self pity for the stage I am, parenting them truly is a privilege, so I am committing to every day thinking of just one thing (I know I could come up with more) but just one thing that sums up the blessing of motherhood in my day.....

So Day 1
Motherhood is ... drying my hair before waking up boy #3 because he doesn't like to hold it when it is cold and wet, but he likes to kiss and play with mommy's hair when it is dry. :) So taking the extra time to dry it early in the morning is a blessing. 

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